Scott Street Cars Raided By Thieves – Harden

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One of 3 cars which were broken into in Scott Street on Tuesday night. This vehicle was driven up the road before being abandoned by would-be thieves. The owner was unable to move the vehicle until police arrived later that morning to take fingerprints. Cigarettes were taken from the vehicle; however, luckily it sustained limited damage.

Would-be thieves were very busy in Scott Street on Tuesday. A total of three cars were tampered with and one which had been parked in the driveway, was found in the middle of the road after it was abandoned with its doors left open. Cigarettes were stolen from this vehicle and the contents of the car were spread around the interior of the car.

A second car was broken into and a fuel card was stolen. A third car was also found with its doors open. One of the residents had heard car doors closing but assumed it was neighbours returning home after a late night out. Police were notified of the incident and one car was found to have many obvious fingerprints which may prove helpful in apprehending the would-be thieves.

The message for residents in light of these incidents is to ensure your cars and homes are secure with cars in garages or yards where possible, or parked off the street and locked. All valuables should be taken into the home rather than left in cars.