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The Australia Day gathering was well supported by the community from all ages. A great barbecue was cooked by Clayton and Brodie and tasty salads added to an enjoyable meal. Colleen Cooke won one meat tray whilst a passer by who called in for a ‘pit’ stop won the other. He immediately gave it to John Jnr. who had showed his hospitality in inviting him to stay for the barbecue.

Whilst everyone was in the hall and to commemorate Australia Day a Certificate of Appreciation was presented to Glenda Burgess from the Social Gathering Group for her dedication and work in organising these functions and also the ‘game’ days every second Sunday. Most property owners would have received notification from the Hilltops Council of new addressing numbrs.

It is hoped that a representative from the Urban Addressing Project will attend our next Progress Association meeting in February to answer queries relating to the project. It was a terrible shock to hear of the death of Norm Cooney on Friday, January 27th. Norm and Tina had just recently retired and moved into their lovely new brick home in High street. Condolences to Tina and family.

Did you ever notice how just about everything and everywhere has a sign? Like on the electrician’s

truck- “Let us remove your shorts”. An optometrist’s window read “If you can’t see what you are looking for, you’ve come to the right place.” A podiatrist’s sign read “Time wounds all heels.” There would have to be a sign on a maternity ward that says, “Push, Push, Push!” On a music shop you could see, “Bach in a minuet”. But the best one could be at a bowling alley! “Quiet, please. We need to hear a pin drop”. John Killick.