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Binalong Bits 29th How the garden enjoyed the 22 mms of rain that fell (heavily) in a very short time on Sunday afternoon! I could see plants perking up immediately. It won’t be long before they are begging for more water if the constant heat continues but I think the forecast is for possible showers this week- with the emphasis on possible. We can but hope. For the first time for ages the few golfers on the course would have needed to take refuge from the storm. I was always very apprehensive about being in the open on the course during a storm as I never did believe the old quote (think it was from Jack Nicklaus) that “even God can’t hit a one iron”.

John Lee outclassed the very small field and was rewarded with the usual dead chook. Not too long ago the Sunday chicken run would have 15-20 players. Sadly, not now. Some of us old ones had to reluctantly retire from the game and there are no new players to take our places. There are some former players around still able to manage but the interest seems to have gone, unfortunately. There are new members at the club but they are not golfers or bowlers.

If anyone is interested but feel they don’t know enough about the two sports, just approach someone who plays and you will be welcomed and given an idea of the game. A pertinent quote from Charles Price says “I never did see the sense in keeping my head down.The only reason I play golf at all is to see where the ball goes” Bowls are still programmed for Friday evenings at 6 p.m with names in half an hour before. Remember the annual meeting is on Feb.11th at 10 a.m. and hope fully the ladies bowls will happen following that. I was told that-also- hopefully, food will be available but there will definitely be nibbles and a glass of wine. Remember, it is not a competition it is just some regular players there to help anyone who would like to learn about the game.

Bruce Robinson’s number came up on Sunday night but he was not present to claim the membership draw. Kate was farewelled at a graveside service on Tuesday at the local cemetery as was her wish. She was not in Binalong very long but she has left a lasting memory with friends she made in that short time. There was considerable interest and great hilarity at the yabbie races held at the hotel on Australia Day–the only celebration in town as far as I know. I understand some substantial prizes were awarded to the place getters.

The little creatures were then sold for exorbitant prices with the money raised going to the junior cricket club. Some good Aussie music followed in the evening. School is back. I wonder who is the happiest about that, the mothers or the bored kids? It is a long time for the youngsters to entertain themselves or be entertained. So school news next week. Until next time