Jennifer Louise Molloy – nee Harris

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Jennifer Molloy passed away on 16th December 2018 in Harden-Murrumburrah as a result of a sudden and tragic accident. Jennifer was born in Forbes and moved to Sydney (Drummoyne), where she spent most of her schooling and growing up years. She was a pupil of Drummoyne Public School and Riverside Girls High School and this is where she met many friends, and maintained that friendship all of her life. Her early days were spent with family and many friends enjoying the activities that young people love, camping at Budgewoi, weekends at Point Clare, boating on Sydney Harbour, plus many happy hours with her 2 loving sisters and their friends. Jennifer went on to complete Business College at Leichardt and enjoyed a full working life right up until her passing. Her marriage to her adoring husband Graham Molloy since 2002 represented the most significant part of her life, and whilst they had no children, her great love for animals and people in general, earned her the love and respect , which has been shown by the town of Harden. It is significant that her death occurred whilst tending to these animals, as they say “doing what she loved”. Jennifer always maintained a very close association with the family and was wellknown for her constant organising abilities of family gatherings and visits, and holidays. She was always truly loved by Mum and Dad and those close to her. Goodbye my sweet one.

Rest in Peace

Loved forever Mum and Dad Wendy and Warren Harris Moss Vale.

Graham ’s Eulogy for his beloved Jen is as follows. Graham said he and Jenny began their journey together in October of 1998 in Darling Harbour chatting about their lives and experiences. He said, “We walked through the aquarium, had lunch in Chinatown and dinner in a pub where Jenny ordered a chicken schnitzel and vegies. Anyone dining with us knew what was on the menu: chicken schnitzel.

Jen and I were never actually introduced but there was this girl who sat around the corner in the despatch office at Capral Aluminium in Granville. You really only saw her when you left the office, but you were always greeted with a nice smile and a hello. One of the fellows Jen worked with, for some reason placed flowers on her desk regularly and said they were from me. I’d laugh and tell Tony, ‘Don’t get me into trouble’. Another fellow I worked with said, ‘Have you met that Jenny girl who sits in the desk in the corner?’ Neither of them knew we had struck up a friendship. Both of these fellows informed me that Jenny was off on a trip to the Northern Territory. I’d told them I would be in the Territory at the same time and how funny it would be if we crossed paths with each other. The penny dropped when the holiday photos were passed around the office. This great union between us had started.

Jen’s first experience with Harden whilst driving here was a Kingsland Transport truck out of fuel on the side of the road. Jen laughed at the look on Monk’s face when she pulled up to see if he needed a lift. He’d been in Sydney for the full week working out of Jen’s office. At that stage there was only a small group that knew Jenny and I were a couple. The same weekend I introduced her to Harden’s nightlife at the Carrington Hotel. She always said it was like the first Strongbow ad…the foggy Main Street then inside the pub was going off. It didn’t take long for a year to pass, the work situation changed and I’d taken a job in Maitland. Jen was made redundant from Capral, so we made our home in Maitland taking Benny and Tommy with us, they were the pets.

One morning the phone rang, ‘It’s Rusty Prosser, I’ve bought a truck but you’re not obligated to drive it’. He put the offer on the table. Jen was working for VAW and she had job prospects that would move her through the company. Jen made the decision, all she wanted to do was live in the country. Before we even left Maitland, Jen had a call from Julie O’Connor at Kennett Rural with ‘Anna Henman said you might be suited to this position’. Jen had employment and friendships were forming in the area. She looked forward to gym classes with Gail and Liz Prosser and Yoga with Marg O’Keefe. We purchased our house at 33 Derby Street and not too long after that Jennifer Louise Harris became Jennifer Louise Molloy. The wedding was in my parent’s garden in Murrumburrah and she looked absolutely beautiful. Having children of our own was not to be the next challenge in life. Different treatments and procedures were unsuccessful. We decided spoilt pets and great holidays were enough.

Camping trips, holidays throughout Australia, a little unit was purchased on the Gold Coast which we called ‘Jenny’s little piece of paradise’. She loved it! Jenny had the kindest heart when it came to family, friends and animals. She had a special bond with her Dad, Mum and sisters Leanne and Cath along with their families. This also includes mine, Aunty Jen was very special. As far as our pets go, there was always a story behind them. Jen was a great supporter of the RSPCA and all our boys as we call them, were either abandoned or just needed a home. I first met Jen’s parents in Sydney. Jen had gone to work, ‘Mum and dad will be here later’ she said.

This was a solo event but I must have gone alright because I’m still made very welcome some 19 years later. Some highlights over the last few years; Jen was awarded the most customer focussed employee for Sibelco Australia and had the honour of presenting the Harden Cup at the 2015 picnics. Jen wanting to move forward left Sibelco to take up employment with Tony and Sam Flanery at Lowlyn. This was a new challenge as she had never been involved in the agricultural sector and the varied other tasks that Tony put forward.

I think she liked the fact that her boss would bring a cup of tea and she was surrounded by animals. This is just a small part of Jen’s life and I am sure that everybody has their own story. Jenny was more than just my wife, she was my best friend and also my soul mate. I said before we were never actually introduced, we just found each other. I love you, I will never stop loving you. We’ll say goodbye for now but not forever. Your loving husband, your boys Danny, Jim, Jack and Annie.