Shooters Fishers and Farmers Hold Inaugural Coota Branch Meeting At Coota Ex Services Club

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The Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party will be holding their inaugural Cootamundra branch meeting, this Thursday December 7, at the Coota Ex-Services Club. Cootamundra State Candidate Matthew Stadtmiller said, “We have hit the ground running since the October 14

by-election. Although we did not win the seat of Cootamundra, we certainly changed the shape of politics for the future in the region.

No longer will you have a limited choice when voting, where established parties get a free ride back in to Macqaurie Street, to dictate to people in the bush. We would like to thank each and every person who assisted us during the campaign at pre-polling and on polling day. To those who voted for us we thank you and to those who didn’t, maybe we need a little more time to convince you to vote with us next time.”

The Nationals were established 97 years ago, whilst the SFF only campaigned for the first time in the Coota electorate over a period of just 5 weeks. In doing so the SFF received 10,621 first preference votes and 23.3% of the total vote.

Stadtmiller said “It is abundantly clear much of the electorate wants change. If this swing was repeated across the state, the Nats would lose 12 of the 15 seats they hold. We campaigned without any branches in the electorate and with a limited number or resources and people on the ground. We need more resources and more people and that is where people can help.”

The SFF established their first branch last month in Narranderra on November 23, just 5 weeks after the by-election and had 13 members join at the inaugural meeting.

The Narranderra branch will now coordinate with the SFF’s head office and help spread their message whilst they fundraise for their local branch and the next campaign in March 2019.

The SFF will be holding their inaugural Cootamundra meeting this Thursday December December 7, at the Coota Ex-Services Club at 6:30pm.

Stadtmiller said “If you would like to help establish your very own branch in your area and be a part of a political movement which wants real change for the Cootamundra electorate, we invite you to come along. Already we have unfortunately been proven right regarding the Cootamundra Local Area Command in that it will be split between Wagga and Goulburn. We campaigned very hard against any mergers and also demanded that the announcement be made before the by-election to allow residents to decide on the Government’s treatment of their respective communities. The decision was delayed until last week and although some details are scant we have been told 5 jobs will go from Coota.”

“If you have had enough of the Nationals, join us on Thursday, we welcome people from Gundagai, Junee, Harden, Coota, Temora and everywhere in between. We hope to establish more branches soon”