Pumpa Stars For Hornets

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Harden’s Daniel Pumpa hit this ball for four as the Dalton umpire and a Hereford steer watch on.

After an absence of a couple of weeks due to inclement weather, our local Cricket team once again bounced back into gear, this time on the exceptionlly green Doolan Oval, due to a week of heavy rain. The match was against The DALTON DINGOS, who arrived to be surprised with our set-up, as it was their initial visit to our Twin Towns, for sport. The call of the coin at the toss favoured Dalton and they elected to send the HARDEN HORNETS in to bat, on a firm turf pitch.

Tyler Allen and Kai Steele sauntered out through the newly acquired grass outfield. Speedster Troy Pye had Kai caught out for the solitary one single. And Tyler followed soon after, bowled by the same bowler for just 4. Captain Paul Potts added 5 runs to Harden’s total  after facing 28 deliveries, before being trapped LBW by Michael Poidevin. At this juncture, James Woodhead had joined Daniel Pumpa and the pair really moved Harden Hornets score along with Pumpa taking control of the bowling attack in fine style.Woodhead contributed 11 before he snicked one and was on his way. Mitch Brown batted well compiling 10. As did Shane Abnett  who added a quick 6   Play at one stage stopped for a couple of minutes, while the CARE FLIGHT HELCOPTER hovered low over the cricketers, prior to landing on McLean Oval adjacent.

Daniel Pumpa before he was clean bowled made a great knock of 58 valuable runs, to take Harden Hornet’s score to 107 for 8 wickets. Their tail took the tally on to 8 wickets for 111 runs when the 40 over limit was completed.The wickets for Dalton were shared evenly. Dalton Dingos and Harden Hornets presented similar style teams on Saturday, as the regular BBQ sausage sizzle, between Innings, halted play momentarily. Dalton’s Neil Corby accompanied Brent Poidevin after the brief interlude, where Tyler Allen and Jeff Brown charged in from either end with the six-stitcher. Poidevin was clean bowled Daniel Pumpa with the score on only 6 runs. But Corby went on to score a good 29 .

There was a brief interlude once again, when incoming batsman Sam McDonald snicked a delivery to the side of his head, and retired with concussion. He hadn’t donned a helmet, but was soon cleared after a Hospital check-up. Martin Stewart hit up 12, and Jayden Smith 11. At this stage Dalton were in a good position  at 6 wickets for 85 and requiring only 26 runs. Harden Skipper had a talk at drinks, to decide tactics for the final approach.

He brought himself on to bowl  medium pace, instead of his usual off-spin.  This had immediate results, bowling Jake Podevin for 1. And with the help of his other bowlers and keen fieldsmen the HARDEN HORNETS bowled the DALTON DINGOS out for 107. Harden HORNETS being triumphant by the bare margin of just 4 runs, over the previously undefeated opponent. Best bowlers for our locals were Daniel Pumpa 3 for 23,  Jeff Brown 2 for 16, Tyler Allen 2 for 13, and Mitch Brown 1 for 25.