McCormack’s Eligibility Questioned

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As the citizenship drama continues to engulf politicians on all sides, Riverina MP Michael McCormack has had his eligibility questioned. All MP’s were required to have submitted their citizenship declaration last week, and Labor believes Mr McCormack’s submission does not provide enough evidence that he does not hold dual citizenship. Mark Dreyfus, Labor’s legal affairs spokesperson, said that McCormack’s situation required further attention, with further evidence required.

According to the Parliament’s citizenship register, Mr McCormack’s maternal grandfather was born in Greece, but embassy records don’t list him on their municipal records, a prerequisite for holding Greek citizenship. He provided to the citizenship register, a letter from the Embassy of Greece declaring he is not a citizen of that nation. McCormack maintains that he is eligible to sit in Parliament, having ensured he met all requirements prior to his win at the 2010 general election.