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Former Editor Matthew Stadtmiller stepped down as editor of the Twin Town Times in September this year after becoming the candidate for the Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party, for the seat of Cootamundra.

Adrian and Trish Stadtmiller took over as co-editors for the remainder of 2017 and ensured that the Times would continue to operate whilst Matthew was away.

Matthew returned to the Times after the election and has continued to assist Adrian and Trish through photography, design, and some stories for the paper.

He has decided not to return to the role of editor in 2018 and will continue to work as a Hilltops Councillor and as a member of Goldenfields Water County Council as well as pursuing other projects.

Matthew will continue to assist the Times in a number of ways to ensure its continued success whilst the paper endeavours to find a long term replacement. The paper’s contact number will not change and is still 0408 00 4975 email is

Matthew said “I would like to thank Adrian and Trish for the enormous amount of assistance they have provided the Times over the last 4 years and importantly from September to December this year. The Times would not be here without their continued contributions and sacrifices. I have decided not to continue in the role of Editor and the business will be seeking a replacement. I will continue to assist the paper in any way I can and the paper will continue to transform with the changing media environment to remain viable.”

He said “Next Year the Times will be completely available online over a 7 day period and will continue in print. Some changes will be made to ensure the longevity of the paper which continues to be buoyed by the local support it receives . We thank all of our readers, advertisers and contributors for their support of the Times over the last 4 years and into the future.”

The Times office closed on December 20 and will re-open on Januray 22 with the first edition out on January 25, the day before Australia Day.

Matthew said, “I will be at Australia Day in Newson Park on January 26 and will most likely be taking photos for the paper.” The paper can be contacted during the shutdown period on 0408 00 4975 or on email at

Good afternoon, good evening and goodnight from the staff at the Twin Town Times.