Wet & Wild At Harden Fuel Supplies Twin Town Rodeo

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Reece Peterson and Robert ‘Bomp’ Leitner keep an eye on proceedings whilst these two competitors get plenty of air during Saturday’s rodeo. Check out the full gallery at the Twin Town Times Facebook page.

The Harden Fuel Supplies Twin Town Rodeo broke out of the gates at 11am on Saturday, after heavy rain fell for most of the morning. Rain continued to fall until mid afternoon, however, it didn’t stop the competitors from enjoying themselves. Hitting the ground had an up and a down side, with the rain softening the sandy surface making the falls easier to take, but covering competitors in mud.

Marcus Ashton said “It was a pretty good day except for the weather. There was no whinging we just got in and got it done. We had 360 entered and only a handful pulled out.” The locals were unable to get in to the money this year including Vice President Zak Leitner who took the steer wrestling title in 2016. Marcus said “The crowd was down because of the rain but they went through 72 litres of milk so they were buying a lot of coffees.”

More helpers are needed according to Marcus and the committee welcome anyone who would like to join. He said “We need better lighting and we need adequate power out there and it would make it a lot better. When everyone plugs in, the power goes out.” When asked what was the best thing about the rodeo, Marcus joked “When it was finished, no, we drew competitors from all over the place and as far as Townsville so the word is getting out, it is a good rodeo.”

Plans for the 2018 rodeo are already underway. The Carrington Hotel came on board as a major sponsor and held the after party this year, whilst Harden Fuel Supplies continued to be the naming rights sponsor for the third year running.