Riverina Environmental Education Centre Visit

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On 25 October a few children went to the Wagga Wagga Aboriginal Centre. When we got there we met Darion, Danny, Peggy and Aunty Joyce. First we sat down and had something to eat. We had a chat and talk about what we were going to do.

After that we went to a tree that had something carved out of it for plates and holders. We then went to a cave to look at some paintings and everyone thought it was an Arul. Then they told us a story about a man and a woman. We got to make our own huts, that was extremely fun. We then chose kangaroos and emus for hunting, but they were only fake.

We got to use a killer boomerang and a spear and they were only fake too. And apparently girls are better hunters than boys. WRONG!!! We went to make Johnny cakes, you can make them with flour and water. Then you cook them on the barbie for 5 minutes and they are delicious. At the end we got on the bus and went home. Thank you Darion, Danny, Peggy and Aunty Joyce and a special thanks to Mrs Crawford, Mr McKinley and Mrs Taylor for taking us.

By John Drew