What’s Up Doc?

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After 6 years of very hard work, Harden Murrumburrah’s Maggie-Kate Minogue has finished her studies and is officially a Doctor. Maggie-Kate will spend the next two years under supervision in a teaching hospital. There will be plenty more training on the job, however, she said her main goal will be General Practice but she hasn’t ruled out a special focus on Obstetrics, Gynaecology or Paediatrics.

Maggie-Kate is a country girl at heart and isn’t looking to head to the city. She said, “Wagga was big enough for me, i’ll be staying in the country. I’m not sure what the future holds though.” Maggie-Kate said, “Mum, Gramps and Deanna have been constantly there for me since the very beginning. They have been very supportive throughout it all.” She said “It’s still very surreal, it hasn’t sunk in but it’s a bit of a relief that the 6 years of study are over.”

Maggie-Kate said she will have a brief break before undertaking a pre- internship course starting in October prior to commencing work in January. There have not been many doctors come out of Harden over the years and Maggie said, “I think the last one was Joanne McIntosh.” With her love for Harden and the country, there is a very good chance that we may see Maggie-Kate looking after some of her fellow locals soon.

Congratulations Maggie-Kate.