Farmers In Dire Straits

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Phillip Alcorn of Harden made the front page of the Sun Herald on the 17th September. Phillip is concerned, as are other farmers in the district, that his canola crops will be ruined if much needed rains do not occur in the next two weeks. When the Twin Town Times caught up with Phill he said, ” If we don’t get the rain we will have to look at cutting the canola and processing it for stock feed. ” He went on to say, “Even though this area has problems it is much worse north and west of the area.” He said that most farmers grew wheat and canola in this region. Phill said, “Normal pastures are also being affected by the lack of moisture. Late frosts do not help.” Phill is one of many farmers in the district faced with the same problem. According to Elders Weather, showers are forecast for this week but with little rainfall predicted. Low to medium chance, or 25-50% chance of rain is predicted in the next month.