Hunting The Opposition

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Hunter Ings in action for her BushHawks side.

Hunter Ings is making her mark on the Group 9 competition, as part of the undefeated U/14’s League Tag team, which continued its streak of victories over the weekend.

Hunter, who is only 13, was put forth for the Group 9 trials in March by the Harden Murrumburrah Junior Rugby League Club, and after soundly demonstrating her abilities, was selected for the representative team.

Having been involved with football since the age of 7, when she started playing Rugby League, Hunter made the switch when League Tag was introduced a few years later.

She was quick to develop a knack for the sport, and excelled on the field. “Hunter’s good at everything she has a go at,” mum Mellissa said when asked of what drove her daughter’s success.

Initially hesitant about joining a team full of people she was not familiar with, Hunter soon became an integral part of the team, after some encouragement from her dad, David.

The Group 9 team first played in May at Albury, and played once again over the weekend in Dubbo, coming out on top in every game.

Hunter described the Representative Competition as “more competitive,” but said the team worked well together, explaining their success. Hunter’s passion for the sport is quite clearly in her blood. Her brother, Tyson, mum Mellissa, and father David have all excelled in the sport for many years.

Hunter has aspirations to play alongside her mother and will no doubt get that chance in a few short years.