A Few Milestones For the Twin Town Times

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Meet ‘Mongrel’ the pet lamb. Called Mongrel for obvious reasons and not going to win a beauty contest. A lamb born in winter and pictured here to put a smile on our reader’s faces at the end of Wednesday, or (Hump Day).

This week the Twin Town Times reached 3,500 Facebook likes. It has taken just over 3.5 years to do this and averages out to be 2.73 likes a day, 19 likes a week, 83 likes a month or 997 likes a year.

We don’t pay companies to add thousands of likes to our Facebook page to make our stats appear better.

Our likes are legitimate. Residents and readers like the page all on their own and value our contribution to our community. This week’s Times like every week has the support of our local businesses and our community who have embraced cost effective advertising mixed with longevity, community and local stories. All the things which make our paper great.

Our edition dated July 6, 2017 contains 51 advertisements, 6 classifieds and

30 stories written for you.

We now enjoy 20,000 hits on our website each month and will have an even larger presence as we post all of the content in our print edition online for our customers soon.

We thank you for being a part of your truly local newspaper. Run by locals for locals and hope you will continue to be a part of this amazing ride.

The Twin Town Times is here for U.