District farmers meet

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The NSW Farmers Association Harden District Council conducted a very successful and informative breakfast meeting at the Harden Country Club last Thursday the 5th of March. The meeting included guest speakers discussing a wide range of topics.

The meeting attracted 20 people to the breakfast, and the meeting discussed a broad range of issues, including the structure and policies of the NSW Farmers Association itself.

“It was a very informative meeting on agriculture, and how NSW Farmers is involving itself with the younger generation,” said Ralph Gebhardt. “Most of these meetings have been about local issues, but we are now looking more at the structure of the organisation.”

It was indicated that the NSW Farmers Association would be re-examining its policies to better reconnect with younger growers.

The NSW Farmers Association’s lack of modern media awareness was highlighted in the meeting, making it difficult for the NSW Farmers Association to respond dynamically to issues. The need to be proactive in regard to issues such as food traceability and animal welfare was also identified.

The direction of agriculture in Australia was also a point of discussion. “If you look at farmers today compared to forty years ago, they are very different,” said Ralph, “Very few farmers today derive their entire income from ‘between the four fences’.” Diversification and drought-proofing were identified as essential goals for today’s farmers.

The meeting painted a picture of an Association that is attempting to reinvigorate itself to be best able to tackle the issues that are affecting growers and the agricultural sector today.